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    "What makes a child gifted and talented may not always be good grades in school, but a different way of looking at the world and learning." Chuck Grassley


    Gifted vs. Bright and Other Information You May Want to Know

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    Prosper ISD uses the Texas Education Agency's definition of "gifted and talented student": a child or youth who performs at, or shows the potential for performing at, a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who exhibits high performance capability in an intellectual, creative, or artistic area, possess an unusual capacity for leadership, or excels in a specific academic field.



    The mission of the Prosper GT Program is to provide a challenging and unique education that addresses students' learning styles and social/emotional needs through creative and criticial thinking, depth and complexity, and sophisticated problem-solving across multiple content areas. 


    • All Prosper ISD elementary classroom teachers and secondary core subject teachers are required to have 30 hours of professional development in gifted education and to complete annual updates of six hours of additional professional development in gifted education
    • Identified elementary students are placed in cluster groups within classrooms
    • Elementary students identified for advanced program services will meet regularly with a GT Campus Specialist extensively trained in the nature, needs, and social and emotional development of gifted students
    • Based on GT testing data, sixth through eighth grade students may choose GT PreAP classes in Reading and in Math that cover the same learning objectives as the PreAP classes, but also include additional components designed specifically for gifted learners
    • Students in the middle schools and at the high school who are placed in the GT program are expected to take at least one Gifted Level, PreAP, Gifted PreAP, or AP course in their schedule depending on their area(s) of strength, Reading/ELA or math, and interest to maintain their GT Program Placement
    • Freshman and Sophomore GT students at PHS who are identified gifted in Language Arts have the option of taking Humanities. A student must enter the class as a freshman since it is a two year course.
    • GT students at PHS who are gifted in math and English will be clustered together in math courses.
    • Prosper ISD Gifted and Talented Program services focus on gifted academic experiences and personal development. Other Prosper ISD courses and opportunities serve to meet the needs of students with talent in leadership, speech, the performing arts, and/or the visual arts



    Janet Anders

    Janet Anders, Director of Advanced Academics



    For questions regarding a specific campus, please contact the campus GT Specialist or GT Team Leader.


     Leslie Harrison

    Baker Elementary

    Leslie Harrison, GT Specialist


    Lisa Jones

    Cockrell Elementary

    Lisa Jones, GT Specialist


    Kristen Hartsell

    Folsom Elementary

    Kristen Hartsell, GT Specialist



    Kara Wood

    Hughes Elementary

    Kara Mehuron, GT Specialist



    Misti Wellenberger

    Light Farms Elementary

    Misti Wellenberger, GT Specialist


    Wendy Kruse

    Rucker Elementary

    Wendy Kruse, GT Specialist



    Nancy Melnick

    Windsong Elementary

    Nancy Melnick, GT Specialist


    Dianna High

    Rogers Middle School

    Dianna High, GT Team Leader


    Torrey Eckert

    Reynolds Middle School

    Torrey Eckert, GT Team Leader


    Kristy Skoyles

    Prosper High School

    Kristy Skoyles, GT Team Leader




    Prosper ISD uses both quantitative and qualitative data to identify students for gifted program services. Ability* and achievement test scores along with evaluation forms completed by the parent and, for existing students, teachers are reviewed by the committee.  Students whose data indicates that GT program services are the most appropriate educational setting will be placed in the program by the placement committee.


    *All students in grades K, 2 and 4 will be given the CogAT during the week of December 5-9, 2016. Other students will be given the CogAT as part of the identification process if they are referred for GT screening.


    Is my child Bright or Gifted?




    Please note: Students may only be referred once every two years for GT testing.

    If you would like to refer your child for screening and GT placement consideration, please complete the appropriate referral during the referral window. The referral links will be added during the windows and referrals will be completed online. Referrals are due by 3:00pm on the due date. Late referrals will not be accepted.


    Referral Dates:

    Kindergarten: November 28 - December 9, 2016 @ 3:00pm The kindergarten referral window is closed.

    1st grade and above: March 3 - 23, 2017 @ 3:00pm. The referral link will be open only during the listed days/times. Late referrals will not be accepted.

    The referral window is now closed.


    The ability testing for grades 1st through 8th will be on Saturday, April 8 at Folsom Elementary. Parents who refer their child(ren) will receive detailed information.

    The ability testing for grades 9th through 11th will be during the school day on campus throughout the month of April. 




    General Information
    TEA prohibits individual teachers and/or counselors from granting a furlough request. Furlough
    decisions must be joint decisions among the parents, student, and the Gifted and Talented
    Program teacher(s) and/or administrators.
    • Furloughs require a beginning date and an ending date.
    • Furloughs exist for one semester or less in a given school year. Extensions may be requested
    but must not exceed the school year in which the furlough is granted.
    • Furloughs are not discipline tools or a means to avoid challenging courses or instructors.
    • Furloughs are granted for student health, personal issues and/or family situations. Elementary
    furloughs may reflect a need to suspend pull-out time and increase instruction in the general
    education classroom.
    • Elementary students are not responsible for completing work done in the GT program while the
    student is on furlough.
    • Reasons for furlough are confidential. Furlough paperwork will stay in the GT program file and
    is not included in the student’s official school cumulative file.
    • All furloughs expire at the end of the school year in which they were granted.
    • Students return to the Gifted & Talented Program within the dates prescribed in the furlough
    without requiring reassessment. A student will be considered to have exited the GT
    Program if he/she does not return to the GT pull-out or advanced academic classes
    (GT, pre-AP, or AP) as agreed upon and must be reassessed to re-enter the GT
    • Consultation among teacher, parent, student, gifted specialist, and counselor/administrator.
    • Request for Furlough form completed and returned to campus.
    • Campus Committee grants or denies furlough request.
    • Parents and teachers are informed of the decision and the dates involved.
    • Gifted Program files are updated to include signed Furlough Request Form.
    • Gifted Program specialist reminds parents, student, and campus when the furlough is about to
    expire and when the student is expected to return to the GT program classes/advanced
    classes. A request to extend the furlough may be considered at that time, but a furlough may
    not exceed the current school year.

    Students who were formally identified as gifted in a previous school district must submit a letter or document on official school stationary that verifies the student’s participation in a gifted program and provides the test scores used for placement in the program. The information will be reviewed to determine whether or not the expectations of the previous district equal, exceed, or approximate Prosper ISD requirements.
    Prosper ISD will honor test results from other districts provided they are not more than two years old and are the same nationally normed ability and/or achievement tests used by the district. Additional testing needed to complete the gifted program assessment and referral process will be administered as needed. Once the information from the previous district is received, parents will be notified of the final placement decision within six weeks.
    If a student was not formally identified as gifted in a previous district, he or she will be assessed according to the regular assessment and referral schedule for the child’s grade level. 

    Exiting the gifted and talented program may be initiated by the student, the parent, the teacher, the counselor, or an administrator. Parents and the student must then be consulted regarding the most appropriate educational placement for the student. Student performance in the program is one component of this decision. Any decision to formally exit a student from the gifted and talented program must be finalized by a selection committee after parent consultation.


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